About Us

GOMAS Bygg AB is a construction company offer carpentry, permanent painting works, demolition works, masonry work, revetting work and other auxiliary works. We also provide small teams about five people, specialized on interior works as furniture assembling or installation of windows and doors. All of these works are done by fully qualified and skilled employees from Slovakia, EU member, with experiences with work in Sweden already. All GOMAS Bygg AB workers are legally employed with all neccessary safety trainings and permissions to work abroad. ID06 registration is a matter of course. Company GOMAS Bygg AB is a subsidiary of company GMAS, s.r.o. (Ltd.) based in Slovakia, with more than 12 years tradition and experiences on Slovak and European market. If you have any interest in working with our company, we can provide you 3-5 probation workers for trial period. In case of your satisfaction we can raise number of workers according to your requirements. Usually we have prepared a team of 15 qualified carpenters ready to start work immediately.

Team GOMAS Bygg AB

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